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This is a part of a series of articles with questions, which will help us understand our emotions and how we can free ourselves from unwanted ones.

Disappointment and disillusionment, are sometimes preparatory states for change. Being dissatisfied with what exists is often the start of a conscious growth process, and a motivation for major changes. Many people have been led to a spiritual path through these emotions.

Thus our analysis of this emotion is very much the same with the questions about disappointment. We might just add a few to those already listed:

1. "What is important to you?" What do you care about? Who do you care about?"

2. "What will you have liked to have done with your life before you die?"

3. " If you could have some special powers above the average person, what would they be?"

4. " What would you do with those powers?"

5. " What is your vision of an ideal world?"

6. " What role would you like to play in that ideal world?"

7. " If you had enough money to survive simply, but comfortably, for the rest of your life and were free to spend your time according to your values and needs, without thinking of making money, what would you do with your time?"

As you can see, these questions which we have added in the case of depression are designed to help the us connect to our ideals and life purpose. Our life purpose will be in some way related to creativity, evolution, service or relationship.

We want to discover how we might be able to align our lives to these four basic life principles, especially service. Feeling that our presence is useful to those around us gives our life a sense of meaning and self worth, a reason for living and creating. Because depression is also often a phenomenon created by a lack of energy, we would benefit greatly by employing a daily program of exercise, breathing techniques, deep relaxation as well as a healthy diet and creative activities.

Also because some cases of depression may be affected by the blood chemistry, some persons may also need to seek pharmaceutical help, if all else fails.

Now you may like to describe how you would like to think, feel and respond in future situations. You may find it more powerful to write your description in the present tense as if it is already a reality.

For more on dealing with emotions you might want to check out these sources:

If we care for our bodies and minds,
they will care for us.
Be Well
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