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Why Shyness Is A Wonderful Romantic Gift
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     Nobody knows me, they think they do;
     They say:
     Shy one, wallflower, what's the matter with you?
     Overcome your shyness, look me in the eye,
     Be a real person, a social butterfly.

    I say:
    You don't know me, the passion I contain,
    This gentle, quiet heart that is my domain:
    Depth, reflection, kindness of mind,
    These are my qualities, the way I shine.

    My shyness is a part of me, a quality;
    A substance of softness, an energy.
    Caring too much, perhaps,
    Pleasing too much, perhaps.

    But what a wonderful package shy is:
    To speak with feathers, to listen forever;
    To care so deeply, to think so clever;
    To be so stable, to leave you: Never!

    Now what you don't see is what you don't get;
    You can't win the prize, if you don't place your bet.
     One day you'll see who I really am: Too late.
    You'll realize what you lost: a perfect, ideal mate.